As Bharats sister’s shrill and unpleasant comment pierced my ears ,their mom came to my rescue and declared ,let her sleep with me right now ,she is not too well to go to a public telephone booth at this mid night! So she tied on my head a shawl and made me sip Hamdard Joshina syrup in hot water , though there was a matress on which his mom slept with me ,seprating us from Bharat and his sister with a cupboard in between like partition in the room , and there was a curtain to seprate 1 room into 2 like in nursing homes to seprate different patients, that way! The fire in our hearts and the truth of my last night at Bombay ..dint make him or me sleep even for a fraction of a second ! We held our hands tight from under the cupboard and kept peeping at each other too like 2 meek kittens !As morning hot lemon water with honey was the first thing i had at those times( i had read in film fare magazine.. the secret of Divya bharti s glowing skin) ,but Bharat s sister gave me Ginger and black pepper sweet tea with rusks ,as chilly as her and as Sweet as Bharat!Bharats mom too till that time was getting ready for her pooja ,which was a single Ma Durga aluminum embossed painting mounted on the wall of their one room set, Bharat was too getting ready for office and to leave me at railway station, today was my Train ticket to go back to Delhi, While Bharats mom who i got to know was a featured author of cookery in Femina magezine ,served me Koki ( special sindhi roti ) with green chilly pickle ,she discussed with me how she had lost her husband when Bharat was in 12th only and how she married her 4 daughters and made Bharat do iit and M.b.a ,and how Chandni the bitter sister was divorced as they couldn’t satisfy dowry needs of her in-laws! She was quiet warm with me and asked me about my parents, my career aspirations and my general hobbies! As it was 10.30 am and we had to pick my luggage from Ymca after settling their bill ,and reach station too ,i touched Bharat s mom s feet and took her leave ,to his sister i smiled now with compassion and understanding her mental state and agony ! She dint smile but waved a bye like a coconut, hard outside but soft and tender in heart! As we headed towards my guest house , sad that we ll part today and happy that we so effortlessly are One , Suddenly as soon as he saw Maha lakshmi temple ,Bharat asked me should we get married right now only and formalise our love ? And inform our respective families! I too was in deep love by now..
Will i say yes to Bharat? For more keep following…

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