Dear Abhijit ,

I read your post about professional life career related and I felt your emotions while reading each and every line . I am happy to hear that after reading Medha ji’s post about positivity you let out all yor emotions . I want to share one poem written by great poet Kusumagraj with you Abhijit . Do you remember this ? 🙂

The house of this student were flooded; But he did not blame the water. He called her Gangamai and further said that she became Mahervashin ( came to her childhood home ) and danced all over the house !! Next he says The floodwaters engulfed his entire world. When Sir offered money, he refused. Demonstrating his firmness from above, he said – “Even if the world is broken, the spine is not broken” Just say ‘fight’ with your hands on my back! “


ओळखलंत का सर मला! पावसात आला कोणी.

कपडे होते कर्दमलेले, केसावरती पाणी.

क्षणभर बसला, नंतर हसला, बोलला वरती पाहून 

गंगामाई पाहुणी आली, गेली घरट्यात राहून.

माहेरवाशिण पोरीसारखी चार भिंतीत नाचली

मोकळ्या हाती जाईल कशी, बायको मात्र वाचली.

भिंत खचली, चूल विझली, होते नव्हते नेले,

प्रसाद म्हणून पापण्यांमध्ये पाणी थोडे ठेवले

कारभारणीला घेउनी संगे सर आता लढतो आहे

पडकी भिंत बांधतो आहे, चिखल गाळ काढतो आहे

खिशाकडे हात जाताच हसत हसत उठला

“पैसे नकोत सर मला जरा एकटेपणा वाटला

मोडून पडला संसार जरी मोडला नाही कणा

पाठीवरती हाथ ठेवून नुसते लढ म्हणा!”

I hope this will help you to build strength , power , courage and lots of positivity 🙂 After all whatever situation is in life we have to be Solution Oriented isn’t it 👍👍 I know you have so much faith on our beloved swamiji 😊 with the help of divine grace All will be Well 🙏🙏 My lots of good wishes with you Abhi and Best of luck 🙂🌷🌺☘️💐🌸⭐🌹🌻❤️❤️

🌷 Jay Sri Hari 🌷

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