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My Dear Lady ,

My lady , I wanted to write poem for you but before that , I am writing this letter to you . I have read many of your posts which shows your kindness towards animals and towards poor people . I know you are very kind and beautiful soul ❤️❤️ My lady , recently I got to know you have donated your Dazzling valuable golden bangles to unknown person just like that !! In my point of view , helping others is very good thing but to help someone like this way is really miracle !! I have read in shripad srivallabh charitramrut , अगर आप किसी को दान देते हो तो वो दान सत्पात्री होना चाहिए । I read your story that one young boy dropped you at railway station and you given rupees 1 lack bangle to him with very great feelings but my question is will that boy use your bangle for good reason ? What if he spend those money for his personal unwanted uses ? My lady , I want to give you one suggestion that if you feel to donate someone please donate Food . Money can be donated in Temple , Ashram , Social Institution or for Animal Care .

My lady , I have great feelings for you and I respect you lot . My small suggestion is please have some financial saving with you because it can be use in emergency cases . Donation is really good thing but to donate to right one is more important than that . Also listening to father sometimes is really good , isn’t it ?

Please take care of yours 🙏

With best wishes ,
Love ❤️

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