“Be like a tree

let the dead leaves drop”


– Rumi


Leaves adorn the trees and make for a wonderful spectacle. The moment they die or dry out, the tree discards them. Dead leaves are of no use and put an additional burden on the tree and on the other leaves. So the tree doesn’t cling on to what is of no use. It is the same with our past. It is hone, finished, done with…. We can visit it from time to time but dwelling in or revelling in the past would be the greatest mistake.


We are given two choices, to either cling to our past and spoil our present or to move on and make way for a happy and glorious present and future.

Life is just another word for exploring the new and letting go of the old ones. Unless we let those dead leaves, that yesterday, which has nothing to do with this present day of ours drop off, we can’t move on, can’t live this most beautiful blessing – life!


New leaves, new people and new memories will embellish only on the branches where the dead old memories are rooted off.

So let go of that has passed and welcome that which is about to change our life for nothing less than better.


For most of us, letting go is hard. It’s a struggle to release people, things, or emotions we’ve grown accustomed to having in our lives. That’s okay. It’s okay to have a hard time releasing what matters to us. Whether it’s things, people, or thoughts, it’s difficult to give up something we once thought of (or still think of) as ours. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.

When we keep things that we don’t need (and, yes, this includes people), we create emotional (and sometimes physical) mess. Extra things create clutter in our home, and extra people create clutter in our heart. Personally, I’d rather not have any clutter in my life, and the only way to do that is to learn how to let things go.


It’s not always easy to release things, the way the trees always seem to graciously let go of their leaves each autumn, but it’s up to us to choose to stop clinging to the things that we no longer need in our life. No one is going to do it for us.

Letting go is uplifting. It is divine. It is nothing short of peace.

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