I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏🕉🌺

I am still in tears reading the post of Sri. Om Swamiji today, the news of dear  Shelly crossing over to the other side . Her selfless service and seva bhaav for  Black Lotus ,of which I’m a member too past many months now, where like minded souls are united as one smiling spiritual family speaks volumes, of her dedication indeed, as put by Swamiji. Though I dont even know you personally, but it seems we have met… “You live on Shelly! and thank you so very much for your efforts offering us such a Divine platform, under the guidance of Sri. Om Swamiji”.

All this happening, has stirred within me today, to what the bigger truth of life is…a quest that has been lingering on for few months now, on my mind and heart. How well we live our life is the most important. Each day gives us a choice of death or rebirth…

not living your life mindfully is death,

not having a daylight which is highly conducive to inner growth  is death,

loosing out your precious self to the mundane is death,

having someone yet still living like disowned is death,

giving up on the rare gem of your sweet smile to an unruffled life is death,

The list endless, of how one dies everyday to the moods of the uneven  surroundings. But when we constantly, make strong and disciplined  efforts to live life graciously and mindfully each day, is  then celebrating a New Birth.

To  fill each day with joy and love unconditional is a Re-birth

to be expressive in acknowledging one’s own creativity is a re- birth

to devote time for your own good health is a re-birth

to heal and transform any kind of assumptions and fears is a rebirth

to serve humanity and different species in all compassion is re-birth

to forgive others and letting go of resentments is rebirth

 unburdening the soul of the excess baggage , is a peaceful rebirth.

to see and experience life as the biggest guru is re-birth

To err is human, but rather than being stuck up in a situation for too long, we can better the moments with constructive and right attitude . 

Each day, my morning walk of steps, and communication with nature, is an attempt to understand, why humans have taken birth for? What are families, friends and the whole existence of relationships all about?

Every individual in the same house so different, good ones create harmony, the not so good ones make a mess of the whole environment. Good ones keep creating peace, the not so good ones keep shattering the same. The struggling bit confused, as the attention grabbers inspite of the innate ability of understanding still love to derive pleasure knowingly, to scatter the balanced energies of the peaceful ones. The more sensitive and peaceful souls keep forgiving, or  avoid getting into confrontations, trying to keep away a bad fume in the environment.

 There comes a point in one’s life where taking the plunge and making a choice to move on, to serve and respect one’s own soul, and the Universe well, should be sacredly maintained. It is equally important to progress, to have a healthy inner environment, clearing a path that leads towards the dignified liberation of Death.

Strange are the ways and laws created, by dear ones, but one thing to understand is the beautiful ways and laws of Nature and our Creator, which is above all. The one who is given us birth will surely pave a peaceful way for us, if we keep walking the path of Truth, Simplicity and Respect. Beautiful doors open up when the Divine Communion is on , with Seva , Bhakti and pure Bhaav.

Looking forward to joining my spiritual family in India,   as soon as international flights resume from Canada.  I shall carry with me more, courage, more faith and love of nature, with its beautiful lessons to serve humanity. Time shall decide where I head, but surely dream to be at a place closer to Sri Hari at the Ashram. I surrender to Him to decide for my good. and spend the rest of life in His Bhakti and warmth.

Life is to be lived graciously and glorified well, cherished and tasted well, embarked and marked well .

Wish to meet you Rev. Sri. Om Swamiji, my eternal Divine family🙏🕉🍃plz keep guiding. and grant me the strength and beautiful  wisdom to balance it all. Jai Sri. Hari🕉

  ‘ hari kirpa tab janiye, de manav  awatar;

            guru kirpa tab janiye, mukta kare sansar.’

Know that it is the grace of God that gave you human birth.

But it is the grace of the Guru that liberates you from the cycle of birth and death.

 This is the greatness of the Guru.

Hari Om 🙏

Siddhika Umesh

pic courtesy of the sun rising: by me

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