I wonder how anything can change so drastically …. Within a span of moment…

Let me go back in time. Not too long, but only six months ago when the virus outbreak hadn’t occurred yet. I was cursing the traffic, complaining about noise, and hating that the supermarket next to my house did not have my favorite food as well.

Soon after, due to the global pandemic  our country was under lockdown like many others. When I was indoors, I realized how beautiful and blessed I was to have the life which I otherwise assumed was regular and usual. Little did I know that I was taking things for granted and complaining about the most trivial problems.When I look back now, I notice many special areas of life whose importance I failed to understand earlier.

COVID 19 has also taught us few good things as well..

This has brought families closer together rather I would say this has taught us the real meaning of life how one should live.

In this crucial situation you don’t have to look hard to find a book or article about how to live a happy life …. 🙂 But it’s important to always remember that the truest wealth is not counted in money but in the things that bring us happiness and which lead us to live a happy life… 🙂

Life is a gift that has been given to you.It is in your hands to make the best out of it…. Through the ups and downs, you’ll find a lesson to learn that will make you a better person. Each experience-good and bad-makes you grow. Get along with life and surely, things will become easier for you. Live for today and enjoy every minuscule moment of this fleeting life.

Try to live for others and be the savior and survivor as well. STAY HOME || STAY SAFE .

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