Life is a Joy,

Enjoy it.

Revel, Rejoice, Celebrate,

Dance with it.

Life is beautiful,

Live it.

It also has sorrow,

Delve deep in it.

Don’t just pass it by,

Explore it.

Be daring, 

Go deep in it.

Face it.

Who knows what jewels

You might find in it.

Life is a flow,

Melt in it.

It will not break you,

Trust in it.

Tarry not by the wayside,

Take a pause if you must,

Don’t turn your back on it.

Life is too glorious — Accept it,

Be Alive,

For the sheer Joy of it.

Rejoice in your sorrows too,

For they are precious gifts

From the heavens

To stir your soul.

Growth pangs,

Drawing you forth,

From a cocooned womb.

Rejoice that your heart can cry,

That you can feel,

That wondrous anguish,

That shakes your core,

Your depth, Your being.

On its wings,

Jewels you shall find.

Revel, Rejoice, Celebrate,

Dance with it.

Don’t stand by the wayside – scared.

Come onto the highway – centerstage –

With arms open wide.

Embrace it, Welcome it.

It is your benediction

Believe in it.

Feel the purity, the peace,

Love’s feather touch,

It brings with it.

To cool your heart,

Ease your pains,

Carry you along,


Show you how to float

And fly without wings.