Life is not fair, get used to it – Bill Gates

There have been several debates and competitions where intellectuals have talked about life and tried to give their own definition. Several books, videos, and articles are there, and everyone has their own opinion. But is life as straightforward or as complicated as it is told or defined in the literature?

Life can be the most outstanding teacher, and it is the toughest one; it first tests you and then teaches you. Life can’t be predicted as it can be something else, and we think of it as something else.

Life has a rule howsoever walks in harmony and peace with it; it gives the best results.

The ones who are helping others, in return they are supported in the most mysterious ways. Those who learn to give receive the most, those who love the most are valued in the most unconditional ways in life.

In contrast, the arrogant, angry, and self-centered ones will always be left alone. And the worst-case scenario is that life is not easy for anyone. One has to put in much effort before they receive the benefits. We have to be life farmers who work day and night in the fields and then get the crop they desire, depending upon if nature supports them with the appropriate climate.

Thus be ready to give your best to life, and then only you can accept to receive something.