If I told you that life is a dream, would you believe me? No, not necessarily in the sense that it is beautiful and filled with miracles. That is true too, for many people but today I mean the similarity between dreams and life. 

You see, I woke up and remembered a dream. On remembering it, I got a profound SE moment (Sudden-Enlightenment moment). SE moment is a term made up by Anu and I, for fun, to signify little realisations. So, no I am not Awake, in that way.

Anyway, I realised that but there was some unfinished business in the dream I just had. And no matter how hard I tried, once I was up and awake, I couldn’t go back to finish it. It felt like a regret even.

This dream scenario is common knowledge of course. But it dawned upon me that life is exactly the same as dreams. One day, when we will be waking up from life and exiting, it is a given that we will reflect back and think about our unfinished tasks. Life will not give us a second chance to go back and complete what we didn’t finish.

Those apologies which we never expressed, those ambitions which we never attempted, those people whom we never helped, those people we never met again, the respect and gratitude we failed to show, all of these, will leave us wishing.

This isn’t meant to be a depressing post, however it can be a wake up call.

Since we were born, life has been giving us glimpses and lessons that it is all temporary and we have to act now to avoid regrets. 

This moment led me to think about any unfinished tasks that may be looming over my head. Now is the time to complete them, for who knows if this is a dream which we will not be able to get back into. Wait a second! It is a dream, the dream of life. Don’t wait to wake up from it, let’s complete it first and fast.

What are your unfinished tasks? Don’t leave that brownie half eaten in the fridge! Go eat it, and just finish the juice carton too. Just kidding:) Let’ try to be healthy, let’s say those ILYs, those thank you’s and let’s finish these draggy tasks.

By the way, I can’t even remember the dream anymore! And perhaps life too is this transient. Things we give so much importance to are only fleeting. Now am off to dream again, it is a dream life. Why?

We are blessed to have our Swami with us here. Happy Guru Purnima to Him and all of the little beings here whom He loves:)