“Stop criticizing yourself for everything you aren’t and start appreciating yourself for everything you are” Unknown


When was the last time you patted on your back and said

1.      It’s ok

2.      You did your best

3.      That was all you could do

4.      Sit have a cup of coffee

5.      Enjoy the sip of coffee

6.      Offload your problems for a day and enjoy the view

7.      Take a day off and switch off your phone for 24 hours

8.      Ask your family for a holiday without any questions

9.      When was the last you gifted yourself and treated yourself


If you are the one who has the majority of no’s in the list that there is something you people need to understand, and that is you have been bitten with the bug called” Self Doubt.”

Self-doubt is when we are always concerned about

1.      Did I do the best

2.      Am I right

3.      It could have been done in another way

4.      Let finish and start working

5.      Constantly thinking of one thing or other.

6.      Always questioning your actions

 It’s all of us who are on this list and seldom have I found people who have peace with themselves.

The nature of work and the surroundings that we live in have made our self-doubt, and constant competition in the world has made us the way we are. If you are the one who is not comfortable telling lies, then it is more challenging for you to adjust in this fast-moving lane.

Still, as life says, it is best to move one step at a time, and we can change the way we have been trained to live and make our life beautiful by just living in the present.



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