While we wait for people to execute their first fitness goal (here), I’ll quickly update you with my fitness plan. Before that, let me share a success and failure story with you.

A few years back, I went on a crash diet to lose weight. The meal and workout plan lasted for about three months. It worked wonders, and my weight went down by approximately 30 lbs (roughly 14 kgs). I felt fantastic about myself, but the success story ended there.

Within a month or so after I lost weight, I returned to my old habits. Binging, not working out, not sleeping on time, and so on. To my dismay, I gained a significant portion of my weight back. To add to the mess, my willpower depleted big time. After that, I never felt like going back to my fitness plan again.

Lesson learned #1: If we overuse our willpower, we risk losing it when needed.

On the other hand, my husband took a different approach to health. He meticulously and gradually built lifestyle-changing habits. It took him much longer than me to implement all of those changes.

Fast forward 2-3 years, he has built solid fitness routines. After a ton of work throughout the day, he also has the energy to play tennis! And I’m still struggling with my health. 

Lesson learned #2: Physical fitness is not about crash diets or quick fixes. It’s a long-term commitment to building life-changing habits.

So, this time around, I decided to follow my husband’s route. Being the free bird I am, it’s not easy for me to follow anyone instantly (and definitely not my husband 😀). However, with my ego destroyed, I’ve actually decided to take his approach!

For the last couple of months, I’ve been taking small steps towards fitness. My health has already revived significantly (but I have a long way to go).

Therefore, if you desire long-term benefits, patience and persistence are the keys. This series – A Better Version of You – is about building small life-changing habits against short-term fixes.

In a nutshell, “Baby steps! Baby steps to lifelong happiness,” as Swami says.

With that, stay tuned for the next “small fitness goal”. It’s cooking in the pot now! 😊



Image: Photo by Jordan Christian on Unsplash