Step 1: Someone spoke to you very rudely telling you did not do something you were supposed to do

Step 2: A wave of anger rises within you

Step 3: You recognize the emotion by Swamiji’s Grace

Step 4: Understanding the fact is true and disregarding the tone.

Step 5: You think of all the good things that you might know about the person

Step 6: You also try to understand what is troubling that person to be angry

Step 7: You decide to act against the emotion of anger

Step 8: You choose to be silent for ten minutes doing the work with extra love and attention .

Step 9: You silently offer the work to divine in the person

Step 10: You spoke lovingly to that person and the other person responded nicely to you.

Step 11: Unable to find that angry wave anymore .YAY!!!!! 

Step 12: Thank Swamiji and share the experience with my osdotme friends. PEACE❤️

All Glories to Swamiji for helping us all to break our inherent tendencies to become a better human being.