I’m clearly not the kind of person who’s always in high spirits. I’m not the one to light up the room and lighten the environment of the room or wherever I go. I’m a problematic person with problems of self as well as those of others. I’m quiet and shy and often face difficulty in expressing my emotions. I can’t find words to describe what I feel even to my nearest ones because I’m unable to even wrap my head around what I’m feeling.
Disappointed much???
What if I say it’s all just normal?
That there are solutions to all of the above feelings and difficulties??
Well the solution to all of the above is just try to calm oneself down. This might seem impossible in such circumstances but it’s what is needed to be done. Drink some water, take deep breaths(pranayama regularly helps a lot), think about the problem and try to focus on the positive aspects(if any) of the feeling. The most common positive effect which I think about is that, it would make me stronger and better at handling such problems as such in the future. I think of the tranquility I would feel once I get rid of my anxiety. Think of all the ways to handle the problem and which would be the best. The key is to take your time. Good things and results don’t happen in a rush. You’d feel that all the time spent would be worth the results. Try not to take action without thinking if the various scenarios which may follow. Have faith in yourself and your actions and move ahead in your life with your head held high.

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