Comes the next question : don’t you think you need to save or finance plan to live a life later that you are so used to for so many years

No, there is no need at all – we should not plan a luxurious life during the later part of our life, because we will not have the physical capacity to maintain. As we grow older, the children will spread their wings and would like to set up their own nests, and our home will become a weekend or holiday homes for them and it will only be the 2 of us, so its better to reduce our baggage of abundance and live a life which is physically and emotionally manageable. As we grow older, we only need a place to stay, kitchen for a maid to come and cook or self cook and a small car which can take us from one place to another. This will help us emotionally not depend on our children or any other external sources to live a life independently.  We should accept our aging gracefully and live a life of contentment than carrying a baggage.

Do you think people who have a lot of money are considered corrupt or bad people because they are running after money. No, Not at all, on the contrary, you should accept them.  Success parameter is an individual choice. For some it is money, for other is spiritual progression, for some it is balance, for some having doting family and so on.  I respect each one of them equally since being truthful about what they care and would like to grow into itself is a very good sign of discovering oneself..

For me there is nothing called materialistic life or spiritual life. Its one and the same.  If we cant be passionate about anything that we take up, we cant have any passion about searching for the Truth as well.  The fire that lights up within us to achieve anything is the same fire which makes us thrive in search of Truth about ourselves.  And we all have taken birth in this planet as human beings or earthlings (as Swamiji calls us 😉) have our own dharma to follow as humans, we cant abandon our main nature abruptly, it has to happen gradually. Hence despising those who generate wealth is not the right way to put it.  There are people who manipulate others / the naïve ones to become wealthy, but we cant generalize everyone in that category and say wealth creation is wrong.

At the end of the conversation, she was happy that she got a different perspective about money which she will dovetail into her product experience so that the marketing can be done differently for different age groups and I was happy getting interviewed for a larger purpose.

All Glories to HIM 🙂🙏🙇‍♀️