The first two hacks are from deep observation and the third one was discovered while mindlessly scrolling on Instagram. (Who says Instagram is useless?)

Although the hacks listed below may be common knowledge, but I didn’t know that, so I am sharing my observation and experience of using them with you. If you find them useful, share this with everyone.



Wrist First


You may have come across the following scenarios –

While wearing a shirt, have you ever put on the main buttons and feel like, “o.k., I have worn the shirt”; only to find and get annoyed by the fact that you forgot to close the wrist buttons.


While removing a shirt you open the main buttons and remove the shirt in a haste, only to find getting it stuck in your wrist, because you forgot to open the wrist buttons.


Action Step –

I have come across both the scenarios and it is not the situation you would want to experience on a daily basis. So, what I do is that I always close or open the wrist buttons first depending on whether I am wearing or removing the shirt. Saves me from unnecessary frustration over the wrist buttons.



Finger Nails are Useful


Have you ever tried to untie a knot, scratch an itch, open a box or anything which requires the use of fingernails? I am sure you have come across at least one of these situations. Speaking from experience, if you cut your fingernails too short, then it puts us in a disadvantageous position.


Action Step –

Here is the easy thing you can do to make sure you have bigger nails at any given time – whenever you sit down to cut your nails next time, make sure to leave some part of your index finger and thumb nail. You can do this for both hands (as you wish). See picture below-


Life hacks 2Life hacks 3






Hope you can see the difference between the two (thumb, index finger) nails and the other three nails.



Polythene Bag Makes it Easy


Imagine this –

After taking a bath, you come to the room and begin to wear your clothes. Now it’s time to wear your jeans/pant/pyjama or any other relatively tight garment. As soon as your foot reaches midway through the jeans, the jeans suddenly turns into an Anaconda and wraps around your foot like it is a rodent to be savoured. Your foot feels like an impaired prey that can’t move in any direction. Happens with most of us ( specially males), doesn’t it? And if you are wearing the jeans while standing, then God save your balance. 🙏😂


Action Step –

Now, wearing jeans (substitute any other congested garment of your choice) will be easier for you-

Next time, just before wearing a jeans on your wet foot, put a small polythene bag on your foot (you can also use a small cloth bag), like this-


Life hacks 4

Make sure that the polythene/cloth bag covers your heel.


Then with the polythene on your wet foot, you will be easily able to slide your wet foot across the jeans or any other congested piece of clothing. The foot will pass through the jeans like a hot knife passes through the butter. Try it and make your life easier.


Hope this post was worth your time. Thank you for reading. 🙏🙂


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Feature image -Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash 

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