out of all the unfulfilled desires, things that didn’t work out according to us, I have a very important point to add here, OUT, OF ALL OF THIS, life has been kind to us.

my father once came across this small ashram while he was going to his regiment in Sagar, MP. it was a very backward poor area, with no agriculture productivity too, people of the area just opened small shops with nothing but chips, biscuits, and tea to sell. most of the kids were malnutrition, with no clothes on their body and walking barefoot on road. among this stood a small ashram, my father went inside to see how it was. to his amazement, it has people of all ages from kids of 3 years to 67 years old wheelchaired old people. some were mentally retarded while some were disabled who needed care, while some were physically harmed by another human and were now disabled, the ashram was poor, it didn’t have that good facility just enough to keep the people warm in winters, and provide a roof over their head in summer, and some light meals for the day. there was just one care lady, not very old, maybe 32 looking after all those souls. my father bought some ration and got a good meal cooked for all of them, shared some time with the people and bid goodbye, and moved on to reach his regiment on time. on his way, he questioned that does god even exist? if he does then why did Devi maa left her these kids like this? His heart ached.

on his way, he sent me the pictures of the ashram and those people, At that time it didn’t hit me, but today when I was feeling disappointed with life about something, irritated I opened my gallery and those pictures of those people came across me. and then it hit me. I say life has been disappointing for me, but I didn’t even realize how kind it has been for me. That 3 years old kid, where is his mother? doesn’t god sends us all with a mother? It’s mandatory right ? to have a mother? just like we think life must work according to us. I say life has been bad, unfair but if I say that then what about him? and the big thing is he is just 3 years old. he can’t even make sense of the world. and see what his fate has bought up.

we cry when injustice is done to us, nobody likes to be treated unfairly, but how can I complain about life? it has been so kind to me.

I believe it is really helpful to get a perspective by looking at people who have less than you, people who cant take care of themselves who cant achieve their dreams, I have a friend he is suffering from a disease and wants to be a chef but his disease doesn’t allow him to even move on his own. there is this another person who is a special child, he is extremely talented and wants to join the Indian army and walk like a smart young army officer but due to his disability, he cant be accepted in the forces. and I, on the other hand, is fully capable according to my physical health to join the forces or become a chef, you see. if I had a choice maybe I would have given some of my physical ability to both of them, so that all 3 of us could live our lives the way we desire.

I know the pain can be unbearable at times, but it is okay. we all have pain inside, disappointment with life, but just maybe look at the ones, really look and feel the pain of the ones who have been through so much you can’t even imagine about. it can be hard to accept the injustice, but try to feel someone else’s pain once. I know it’s very easy for me to say, these things, I too cant accept things sometimes, give it some time, but just for a second look at their plight, and if you just see it’s always better if things didn’t turn out our way. It’s always better.

it is always best to love life, it is still not too late, life is still providing for you, appreciate it, its always best to accept how the lord is keeping you, just stay that way, and whatever life brings for you its always the best, exactly what you need. life is short, and its a lovely caring lover, dont hurt it

no matter how big the pain, the injustice, the disappointment, there is somebody who is going through worst and it could have been even worse for you too, if it happened with some other human I am no exception, it could have happened to me too.

but most importantly you know Swamiji now, life is a blessing. Rest is your own attitude I believe.

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