Life is  a form of energy. This energy is always trying to find ways to manifest, move and express itself.

Suppressing this energy from expressing itself causes neurosis.

But letting energy move directionless causes more harm then good.

Give direction to energy by mindfulness and awareness.

Let energy inside your consciousness meet, explore the nature but with mindfulness, so that it can experience the creation,  nature and life around it. Yet never forget its true essence.

Stop running just for the sake of running, powered by our habits, which in turn are powered by society.

Closely observe your life, see what you are doing in life, what are your thought process. For our life energies move in the direction of our thoughts and desires.

Always remember that we cannot stop the flow of life energy, but can gently give it direction.

In the end only those experiences which we had with awareness will matter, rest is just noise.

Thank you and have a great experiences.

Jai Shree Hari.

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