Sometimes, I feel life is crazy,

Actually that’s a kind of a reality,

Unknown situations comes,

We reach unknown destinations,

We meet many people in a life,

And only few of them we want around,

and most of them we want to keep away.

I don’t know why i am here,

With so many people around,

I know i know there is a reason for everything,

but for right now i don’t want  any reason,

I just want to be alone,

I just want to run away,

and take a rest,

Life should have a button of,

Pause and restart,

So that life can be little best,

I just want to be silent,

don’t want to talk,

But life have its own plans,

which life cannot change,

Life is beautiful,

Ok, i  really believe that,

but that beauty kills sometimes,

Actually most of the time,

But Let it be,

Life is like a river,

That will flow,

That will go in whatever direction life want,

If you want that to flow in your direction,

Then have the courage to flow,

So, Life is really crazy.

Keep Smiling,

Thank You,

Riya Om


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