Oh…yes..the day of love and compassion…no no…

The day when he himself thought on his thoughts, decided Yes I shall visit the earth and share the truth.

On his earthly incarnation day. Wishing with the vessel, which I am being on this earth, working to empty it.

Nothing to offer, yet feelings are such, wish to say a lot

The flow of emotions for him. Penning a few lines, attempting for the first time in my life. Please grace.

Penning the Life

For the Life

As the Nature has its Ways

He blows the Air his Ways

Oh..the Nature is Him

So the Love is Him

No way purity can be measured.

But yet his love is to be treasured.

Going on Life with Him.

Yet dont know Life is Him.

In the devotion of Om Swami Ji.

Koti Koti Pranam

–Jai Shri Hari 

Super excited like a school going kid, ready with my NEW College Notebook, a separate diary, a set of pens, a rough notepad 🙂 … for WTD. 

Got inspired with a personal email yesterday, sounds exciting …yeahhhhh.

Pic Credit: Designed in Canva