Aaj.. Aaj ek haasi aur bant lo….aaj ek dua aur maang lo….aaj ek anson aur pee lo….aaj ek zindagi aur jee loon…..aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo…aaj…kya pata,KAL HO NA HO

(Today laugh one more time. Today pray one more time. Today gulp down one more tear. Today live one more time. Today dream one more time. Who knows there might be no tomorrow.

-Kal ho na ho

This is one of my favourite dialogues from none other than SRK. You might be thinking I am a SRK fan,no actually I haven’t even watched this movie(I have mostly watched animated movies so much that sometimes I doubt if I was a cartoon in my previous incarnation) but I loved this dialogue and also the song ‘Har pal yahan jin bhar jio jo hai samah kal ho na ho’ ( Live every moment fully what is now may not be tomorrow). But the depth of this song hit me back before 2 years.

I was in my 12th standard when I developed some mysterious inflammation in my eyes. Everytime I went to the doctor they would give me some steroids and eye drops the inflammation would reduce first and then it again came back after discontinuing the medicine. Then finally I went to a doctor who figured out I had developed an auto immune disorder and I am getting frequent attacks of uveitis and I must consult a immunologist for this. And after a lot of tests and scan the doctor finally gave me some medicine which he says I have to continue for the rest of my life only the power of medicine might drop.

It hit me back then how short life is and how unstable. And as Swami says ‘Anything can happen to anyone’. I remember when I had those painful inflammation I was worried what if I go blind? I would then practice closing my eyes and walking and trying to do basic chores (luckily I didn’t break any bones walking like that🤣).

They say that difficult situations teach you what good situations can never do.So here you go with all the lessons I learned from the disease.(Best part is you don’t have to get a disease to learn this):-

1. Don’t take anything for granted:As Swami says ‘Everything is a blessing’.Let it be your health,family, friends,home,food,sky to look at,clean water, mother earth we walk on etc. Remember to be grateful for every small thing. And if someday you are feeling difficult to be grateful read this previous post where I jotted down a long list of things to be grateful daily here

2.Do it now: Whatever dreams and goals you have do it now. Life is shorter than you think. There was a common practice Steve jobs did every morning ,I think most of you know this but in case if you don’t: he used to ask himself standing in front of mirror “What would I do if this was my last day?”

This applies not only to your work goals but also to your family and relationship goals. Before meeting someone  ask yourself ‘What if I am meeting this person for the last time? How would I treat him?’

3.Take care of your health: Before in India most family had agricultural land and cows they grew thieir own crop and took care of their cows and ate whatever came naturally. But we’re not on those golden days. We have to sit all day and eat whatever is available in the market. So please take care of your health. And the one book you need for this is “The wellness sense” by none other than Swamiji.

4.Be here now:Now is all that you have. This doesn’t mean you can’t make plans for the future but remember life is complete in itself you can change the life situations which can get better sometimes worse at some other time but life is complete and is here now. Meditation and Swamiji’s book  ‘Mind full to mindful’ is gonna help u to be more present. 

       That’s all my lessons learned . But as they say life is a school of constant learning and I am still learning from it .

         Isn’t it astonishing we all are surrounded by news of death, misfortune and still we think we have infinite number of years ahead of us to live. Truth is we never no when will be the day to say a final goodbye to this beautiful world . So live each moment with grace, mindfulness,love and service. So when death comes we can live this world with grace and humour.

 * Thanks as always for giving your valuable time and reading this post. And don’t forget to put a big smile on your face and then to the person next to you.

There’s a beautiful animated short film to show (said you I was a cartoon in some incarnation) this concept you can check it here 

Happy Monday