I was feeling very cold after my vaccination shot and decided to cuddle into the bed. My kids got together their bedsheets – (Chota Bheems and Princess ones) and put them on me. Enveloped cosily under the layers of bedsheets and basking in their sweet love, I felt very calm. I imagined myself in my mother’s womb – cosy and in bliss.

I started thinking aloud…….Life is so simple…..

Naman who was practicing his guitar near me immediately pitched in and there Stuti was, ready with a piece of paper and pen.

They both started putting together a poem. The first cut of the poem goes thus.

Life is So Simple!!

Life is so simple,

Yet a day never passes without a pimple.

We never let go of the past,

Even if it passes fast,

Even on a day to rejoice,

We grumble no matter how small our troubles.

Even though we have a lot to thank for,

All we think is what we have not.

Even if we have many memories to relish and cherish,

All we indulge in is our grudges.

Even though we have all the riches,

We always eye others’ fishes.

Life is so simple,

Pop the pimple.

Let go of the past,

New events come fast,

All days we rejoice,

Forget all troubles,

Destroy all grudges,

Be thankful for your riches,

And you eye no more others’ fishes.

(This poem is a Father’s Day gift from them).











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