While watching ‘URI – The surgical strike’.. I went in the deep string of thoughts.. what if mission would fail? What if retaliation from enemy side would have obstructed? What if India would not have dared to oppose?” Thought process came to bottom line as – willpower, perseverance and conscience have played major role in directing the path towards end goal.. Sometimes, means to achieve end are rather insufficient than inappropriate.

One must realize that failure is a great direction.. we get to know many indifferent dimensions to move, many approaches and strategies to work out.

There is essence of good in every bad…. The worst days are where you learn the most. The only need is to change the perspective to look at it! Our soldiers at border are fighting with nature as well as enemies for their motherland.. Every moment is fearful but the fearless attitude makes their duty a courageous path.

Core lies in trusting the process and waiting for the right time, result would come along with these!!. This string of thought made me enunciate.. ” How’s the Josh”. High Sir