Technology and so-called modern life have given us so much that we feel blessed to be born in this time and not in the primitive times where we used to have a life of sunrise to sunset.

We have the best of the gadgets at our disposal and how can we forget light without which we wouldn’t have had anything. The best of the technology to provide us with the cleanest air and purest form of water(though treated not natural). We are so blessed to have been born in this world and not the world of fresh waterfalls and wind blowing in our faces on our walk back home.

Covid 19 gave us time with our loved ones and for some, it was the worst nightmare as some of us lost our loved ones in this Pandemic situation. A lot learned, a lot lost and the last month of the financial year was an eye-opener tallying our Accounts for the year is a routine and to analyze what we have earned and how have we spent was quite a surprise and more surprised to know the patterns of our expenditure which made me endure into as what we have done with our lives and hard-earned money.

Earlier the month started with “ Doodh wale Bhaiya” ka bill and “ Kamwali didi” ki payment but it starts with

·         Mobile recharge

·         Cable recharge

·         Netflix subscription

·         Cable recharge/ DTH recharge

·         Amazon prime and other OTT subscriptions and are different for different family members depending upon their taste and preference.

Moving ahead is

·         Home loan EMI

·         Car loan EMI

·         Home Gadgets EMI

·         And other installments

·         Personal loan EMI

If after these installments and subscription if something is left goes into “ Jewellery wale Bhaiya ki Kitty”  And we feel blessed to have been born in this world and not the earlier world. Here we have ample money for online presence, but not a single movement to sit with our elders.

We have ample knowledge and our G.K would be the best in the world but our S.Q is Zero, and we are blessed to be born in this world, but we don’t have time to listen to life hacks by our Grany.

We would spend hours on seeing cooking dishes online and DIY hacks on youtube( Ah now subscription coming very soon) But won’t have time to learn it from the expert heart and feeble hands at our home. Irony

Thank god we are born in this world, not the earlier one.

Bahut Khoobsoorat nazar aa rahi hain Ye raahein tabhi k Ghar ja rahi hain. (Thank you Sourabh Sir for these lines.)

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