Life is Big. Life is small. Life goes on and on and on, and life is what it is. In life, attachment causes suffering and a shift in mental perspective can ease that suffering. We should not suffer things on which we have no control and things which are inevitable. Just like good things in life, bad things also happen. Life is a mixture of good and bad experiences. But, everything in life is temporary so, there is no need for us to perturbed. 

There are some truths of life which everyone has to face but which everyone is either scared of or shuns off. If we could gain the understanding and acceptance for these “harsh” and inevitable truths, we will find ourselves more peaceful. According to me, there are three such truths or aspects of life which everyone has to face one day or the other. 


The first one is: death. Everyone who is born has to die. But people don’t seem to like death. When someone dies, their close ones cry and become sad because the person they were attached to, no longer exists in reality but just in their memory. Death wears a mysterious veil for many as to what happens when one dies. Some develop phobia for death, but people should confront death without fear for everyone has to die one day and it’s ok to be dead, for you get out of the cycle of birth and death, if only temporarily. 


The second truth is: diseases. Everyone who has been born will encounter and be subject to diseases. No matter how healthy a lifestyle you led, you will still be prone to diseases at least in some point in time or phase of your life. We should not be afraid to get diseases for everyone gets them. But, we should obviously do our bit, to prevent them from happening. God forbid! No one should get fatal diseases.

3. Accidents

The third truth is: accidents. Everyone faces accident sometimes or the other in their life. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown road accident, but it could be as simple as falling from a cycle, or getting a bump on your head while playing basketball. We all have to face accidents in life and life will become easier if we accept that even if we are cautious on each and every step, we may still get hurt and it is fine, for sometimes in life their is hurt. God forbid! No one should get hurt fatally.

These three: death, diseases, and accidents are the three “harsh” truths of life. We should accept them and be courageous enough to face them. May Bhagwan give everyone the strength to face their obstacles like a lion!