Having read couple of RAK stories here on os.me, it has inspired me to share my part of story here related to RAK.

What is happiness? Well, each one us will have different answers/reasons for happiness. More often than not we attach it to people, place and things. 

It is always seen that these kind of happiness is short lived. I will list out what gives me happiness.

  1. Seeing somebody getting better with their health
  2. Getting to know that somebody is gradually getting out of depression after counselling them
  3. When an injured animal comes back to life 
  4. When hungry animal is given food
  5. When somebody reports finding back their lost pet/loved ones
  6. When somebody goes out their way to help others.

The list goes on. I always wished that I should have all the money in this world, and I take care of all of those in need( humans and animals). I know that isn’t a dream coming true project..hahaha…

Earlier I would pay some amount of my earnings to any animal shelter and anybody who needed financial aid to buy meds or bear hospital expenses. But that was just sometime. It always gives me tears of joy and satisfaction to know God has chosen me help them and also he has given me that required resource to help them.

Now I have decided to pay some part of my earnings every month to those in need. Animal shelters, Cow shelters and also to people in need. It is a very very small amount and I know there are many in this world who are living their life for this cause and I salute all those selfless souls and they definitely are  God in disguise.   

I have already started doing it and it has given me immense satisfaction and the joy of giving cannot be described in words. Well, am not writing this to take pride in telling that am doing so and so, but am writing to request all of you that whenever way you can, please be kind enough to all those in need whether animals or humans, we are all the part of his creation and helping each other in need is one of the purpose of our this human life. Help in whatever way possible, after all we shall not be here forever but at least let us make this world a better place to live as long as we are here.