When everything seems dark and grey
You are my only refuge
When all is happy and lovely
I am at lotus feet
When all is bright and glowing
I am at your heart
Submerged and immobile

We are beings of light and energy. When we are happy and joyful, we feel fulfilled within. We feel warm when we are in the company of saints, places of worship, or any other place or person whose vibrations are light. While in college, my friend and I used to hang out at a place that gives soothing vibes to both of us. We would sit there for hours, chit chat and share lots of laughs about things that bring us joy. Back then, one such place was an open space near the metro station where it was almost always breezy. We both enjoyed the soothing breeze which calms our hearts and fuels our souls. It was just a simple place, but together we enjoyed it a lot. I wonder how a simple place with no specific ambience brings peace to someone’s being. It’s the grandeur of mother earth that its womb is eternal and a refuge for all beings alike. So is the light of devotion.

When the light of devotion enters the life of a being, then the being himself becomes a light. To guide himself and others who come across in order to help them to find their light, i.e., Bhagwan. I wonder how a parrot became the Guru of a dancer woman and led her to Bhagwan. I read this wonderful story of a ganika in a pad by the revered Surdass, and the relevant pad is mentioned below:

पंछी को पद पढ़ात गणिका सी तारी ॥

The meaning of the above pad is so beautiful that it made me reflect and imbibe the spirit of devotion. And it’s so very true that when it’s time for Bhagwan to enter our lives, it does happen, no matter what. Here’s the story of a dancer woman who used to earn her livelihood by dark means of pleasure. So, her business was growing day by day and had no dearth of money. She had all the luxuries, all a person could think of. One day, a parrot merchant was walking down the street. And Ganika, mesmerised by the beauty and the voice of the parrot, asked her helper to buy the parrot. The parrot seller went up to see and discuss, and the lady showed a keen interest in buying the parrot. The parrot seller was concerned about the parrot and told her that this parrot was not good for her. The lady asked why. He said, the parrot wakes up at 4:00 in the morning and starts reciting Mithu Ram Ram, Mithu Ram Ram, and wouldn’t stop until you say Mithu Ram Ram. And this would cause disruption to your business. The lady was still adamant about purchasing the parrot with love. The seller then put a condition on giving him away. Only then would he agree to give, and he said, if you don’t like it, promise that you will not harm him in any way. I will come back after a week to check with you. She agrees.

As usual, the parrot starts singing Mithu Ram Ram, Mithu Ram Ram, which disturbs the sleep of the lady. So she asked her helper to take him to the remote place. She was in love with the parrot and wanted him to be near her as the parrot calms her heart. So she thought she would wake up early. And her love for parrot took such a sharp turn in her life that she began to wake up early to respond to Mithu Ram Ram. She was able to sleep peacefully for a few hours before the parrot start singing. In order to make it possible, she closed the business an hour earlier, and the next day she again felt sleepy in the morning. Further, she reduced an hour more of service. One morning, a deep insight dawned on her being: why am I singing Ram Ram without purifying myself? So she instructed her assistant to arrange for a bath before the parrot is awake, so that she could sing Bhagwan’s name with purity in her being.

Eventually, the grace of Bhagwan lightened her heart so much that her heart was changed and she renounced everything and gave away all her money to the poor, left the business and became Sanyasi and took refuge in the feet of Bhagwan. She made a parrot, her Guru, who paved the way to Bhagwan, which is the only light to merge.

The pad exemplifies how a woman was liberated and filled with so much devotion that she renounced everything for Bhagwan. Such is the grace of Bhagwan, who liberates all alike. The devotion towards Bhagwan fills the heart with love, slowly and gradually removing the darkness from the corners of the being, making the being light in spirit. Embossed in devotion in the lap of Bhagwan, life becomes worth living, divine.

Bhagwan ko pyare hai sabhi
Aur Bhagwan ko paye sarlta mein.

“Embrace simplicity to find God.”

I believe that the reason why Bhagwan resides in the heart and soul of the person soo simple is that the being is just as it is. Completely in love of Bhagwan for Bhagwan alone. When the heart is filled with such devotion, love and surrender, there one will find Bhagwan. 

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌹


Neelam Om.

P.S. The above pad was shared by my jis ( jiju) and I am thankful to him for sharing this with me. I am sharing complete pad for your reference, you may like to please your mind and fuel your soul.☺️

दीनन दुःख हरण देव संतन हितकारी ॥टेक॥
दीनन दुःख हरण देव संतन हितकारी ॥टेक॥

अजामील गीध व्याध इनमें कहो कौन साध ।
पंछी को पद पढ़ात गणिका सी तारी ॥१॥

ध्रुव के सिर छत्र देत प्रह्लाद को उबार लेत ।
भगत हेतु बांध्यो सेतु लंकपुरी जारी ॥२॥

तंडुल देत रीझ जात सागपात सों अघात ।
गिनत नहीं जूठे फल खाटे मीठे खारी ॥३॥

गज को जब ग्राह ग्रस्यो दुस्सासन चीर खस्यो ।
सभाबीच कृष्ण कृष्ण द्रौपदी पुकारी ॥४॥

इतने में हरि आय गए बसनन आरुढ़ भये ।
सूरदास द्वारे ठाढ़ो आन्धरो भिखारी ॥५॥

Hope you all love that. Happy Devotion!! 😇