Light & Shadow

Between history’s loot
and a darkening sky,
eyes see regret and fear.
Forgetting, wisdom’s light 
can reveal joy’s shadow,
a silhouette eye can’t see.
Somewhere in the distance
behind gushing waterfalls 
fed by rumination’s streams
light and shadow wait.
For the rivers to dry
and the skies to clear,
so eyes can cross
and witness a union.


What will time do next?
From it, so much we steal.
By mortgaging life for promises. 
Time’s furnace spews
bright moments that warm us.
They’re ringed by a cold void
the future waits to fill.
Time is running away, 
with us in its arms.
Until we are asleep
we won’t know
that time is a bed of nails.
Dreams floating like balloons
are punctured without mercy.
It’s still early, life deserves a kiss.
Time will recede and pause.


The window’s open 
But I do not dare
Losing my companions
Who pretend to care 
They’re invisible to my eyes
I search in my sleep
In dreams and memories
They hide where it’s deep
The window’s open
But my companions are sly
Sweeping me in a current
Hoping my faith runs dry
I glimpsed into the open
It spawned my devotion
My companions won’t understand
They haven’t seen the ocean