(I have written this poem with a mixed sentiment of surrender and aggression. I am angry at my tendencies which keeps me away from divinity and devotion; yet I am surrendering my whole self, which is full of vices, at His Divine Feet. I am not a poet and this is a little effort that I could come up with right now. All by His grace.)


I will burn too.

I will heat up.

A volcano will erupt;

And it will burn up every inch of me,

The gross me-

The packed up body of lies and vices.

I know I have a fragment

Of the Divine too.

You will burn me up.

I will tear up myself.

I will come forth

Like the way I am-

Without labels.

I will do that.

You will make me do that.

Take it away.

Take it away.

Burry me to have me.

Here I lay-

Meagre and helpless.

Little of the littlest.

I need a speck of your dust.

Burn me away.

Om. Om. Om.




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