I have been a big Bollywood fan ,even beleive in Live Life King Size atleast in my parallel world with my Beloved ,weather it be my brother Hanumanji in childhood or my Krishna as right now too…most of my visualisation has revolved around Hindi movie songs ! So when as an 11 year old i got a chance to visit a film set i was sooper excited! Since my dad was a tours and travel in a chain of 5 star hotels as well aa many times posted at International Airport arrival terminal ,with no mobile phones back in 1980s ,most bolywood actors had no choice but to come to his counter to make phone calls to check there room ,taxi or pickup availabilities! I had even given my Bapu an autograph book to get there signs by writing my name and i used to flaunt them among my school and colony friends! On one such occasion when i was 11 year old there was a shooting of Rishi kapoor and Bindu starrrer ‘ Pyar ke Kabil’ movie in Kanishka hotel where my father was posted at that time and all transportation was from his travel agency, so he talked to the film financer who came to pay transportation bill at his counter ,if i could come and watch the shooting some day which was scheduled in room no.303 of hotel Kanishk ,to which the financer readily agreed and said just tell him the day and time and he ll tell the shooting team to allow us witness the shooting live. As decided on a Thursday after a quuck lunch of sookhe aloo ,puri and raita after coming back home from school, i most excitedly rode an auto to reach our shooting destination myself dressed in a flashy paddle pooshirt of disco shirt and brown velvet capry with fathers gel on my hair to give that cool look, i was to meet bolywood actors ,live! As we reached the shooting room big cameras at all angles and focussed lights with red ,yellow ,green celophene paper on them made my jaw open in surprise ,in a small hotel room with 2 big Bollywood names Rishi kapoor and Bindu there were at least 20 more people from spot boy who clicked the clapper ,to camera men ,to make up artist to director to their assistants, as expected excitement and joy the real live watching of shooting was very boring with atleast 13 takes for 1 simple dialogue with atleast 4 touch up make up ,and no smile at the actors faces to greet us or atleast acknowledge our presence, it was so boring that in 10 minutes the only purpose to visit the Hotel remained eating choclate eclairs pasty at the coffee shop,which i did gleefully! Did either of you too see a live shooting? Do share.

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