Body – a marvelous creation of the divine – it still sometimes leaves me in awe of the efficient mechanism of this master piece. Breathing, blood supply, digestion, assimilation, excretion, producing new cells etc, everything is happening simultaneously with the help of trillions of cells acting in coordination and making this body tick like a perfect machine day in and day out.

We all may have encountered some moments in our lives when the body just knows what it needs, both externally and internally. And sometimes all we need is just to slow down to observe the signals that our body sends, so that we can better know about its needs. I have been blessed enough to observe my body’s signals and make adjustments to align with its needs.


Here are some experiences to validate the same-


Food Quantity

In this point, my focus is specially on dinner.

Sometimes, for a change in dinner, I used to order from Swiggy, once in a month to satisfy the mind’s desires. Unfortunately, sometimes that desire would turn into a greed and I would order little bit extra, like an extra sandwich or burger. Midway through the dinner, my stomach would usually send signals that I had ordered more than required, but you know that our minds won’t let us leave that extra food for the sake of our body and I would eat that extra food.

The real show would begin after the dinner. My stomach would feel heavy as I had eaten more than required. Now my stomach would groan, as if taunting me, “Hey, what do you gain by making my already difficult job even more challenging? Now suffer with me.” And I would have to take a long walk to reduce the load on my stomach.

Now I try my best to not over eat, specially in dinner.


Onion (and Garlic)

From childhood, my body has been at odds with regards to eating onion and garlic, specially in raw form. From early years, almost everyone I observed around me ate raw onion from salad effortlessly without making faces.

While growing up, these incidents created a subtle inferiority complex in my mind, which I obviously wasn’t able to recognize at that time. So I somehow began to forcefully eat onions from salad in order to escape people’s lecture about the “onions are good for everyone, why don’t you eat it?”.

All this changed after reading ‘The Wellness Sense’ by Swami ji. If I remember correctly, there’s a table given in the appendix in which onion and garlic are placed in the ‘tamsik foods’ category.


As Steve Jobs said –

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.


Now things began to clear for me, not that it was an epiphany, yet it somehow occurred to me that body knows what it needs and what it doesn’t. And it may vary from body to body. I then understood that there is really no point in shoving something down our throat when the body just doesn’t accept it.

And I do consume onion, mostly in a cooked form (gravy made using onion and tomato that is used in preparation of some dishes) and sometimes in raw form maybe once a month or two months when I order food. Raw onion from salad or as a topping in some dishes is a strict no for me. I may eat raw onion or garlic as a medicine, if need arises or when there is no other choice (we can’t be rigid, sometimes being flexible helps), but for most of the times, raw onion and garlic are not for me.

And now I am better able to decide and stick to eating what suits my body regardless of people’s opinions. 



Summer comes with it a plethora of drinks that helps to cool our body along with their heavenly taste. Yet if we observe, water is the only liquid that has the ability the quench our thirst, while also providing the cooling impact , isn’t it?

In my school days, during summer holidays, me and my friends used to visit the nearby playground to play the unofficial national game of India-Cricket. And almost everyone in our group would carry a extremely chilled water bottle, and it won’t be an exaggeration to call our bottles an ice stone-yes, they were solid mass of ice that you could use it as a weapon, that’s how hard it was.

Since the summers asks us to keep our body cool, we thought that it was justified to drink chilled water ( read ice) and also carry it to the playground and drink it there. Little did we know that we were unconsciously copying our elders and society in general.

As I grew up, both in age and a little bit of awareness, I began to notice that my body just didn’t seem to accept/like the chilled water. Still the awareness didn’t translate into listening the body’s signals. I continued to drink chilled water in the summers.

Few years ago, the signals started getting louder, as if my body was shouting with a mike-stop drinking the fridge kept water in the summers.

Slowly and surely, I began to give up drinking chilled water in the summers and shifted to earthen pot stored water. (matke ka pani)

And the satisfaction that I get from drinking matke ka pani is indescribable. The only thing I can say about matke ka pani is that drinking it satisfies the soul. (aatma tript ho jati hai)

If there is amrit on Earth, it has to be matke ka pani, nothing ever comes close.

Fridge water just feels unnatural to my body, so does it’s taste and it also doesn’t quench the thirst. We only keep some water bottles in fridge for any outsiders. Matke ka pani has become a prime option for drinking water in our house for the summers. And of course, my body accepts it readily and basks in joy after drinking the water. 


I think and feel that body has an inbuilt intelligence that probably knows more than us and sends us signals from time to time, and it’s upon us to slow down and observe those signals so that we may better know and make the necessary changes.


What is your experience regarding observing your body’s signals? Have you ever observed and made changes according to your body’s needs?


P.S. – As of now, I can only remember these experiences; if I remember or come across new experiences related to this topic, I will write them in future. Thank you for reading. 🙏🙂


Image Source – Pixabay


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