Scene 1(Please click here)

Scene 2 (First Part)

(As soon as everyone left, Keonnie jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen)

Keonnie: Fridge fridge, open up! hihihi (Keonnie opens the fridge). A bottle of chilled water will do me so much good right now.

Fridge: Young Lady.

Keonnie: Who is it, please? (Looks around the kitchen)

Fridge: It’s me, the fridge.

Keonnie: I’m hallucinating or what! I think the fever has reached my brain. The fridge is speaking to me!

Fridge: Dear..dear, you see that I can speak and that you can hear; Good morning ! Ice Cream is good! ouba ouba…

Keonnie: It’s okay, I see. What do you want, fridge.. uncle.

Fridge: Ah ah! I am not your uncle, my dear.

Keonnie: (coughs)

Fridge: Cough in your sleeve, miss, you are spitting all over my face.

Keonnie: Where is your face as a matter of fact?

Fridge: An extraordinary being like me.. (Keonnie coughs harder and harder). Bwerk !! But you are doing it on purpose. You are coughing and spitting everywhere!

Keonnie: My sincere apologies Fridge..Sir! Wait ! (She looks for something to wipe the fridge and spots a piece of cloth with which she cleans the fridge).

Fridge: Disgusting! Insulting! You wipe me off with your older brother’s dirty socks.

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❤️Hari Om❤️