Beauty is not judged from the

Face of a person

As long as heart is beautiful

Person is beautiful.

It is an internal element

Which is important

Not the external.


It is to be found in

Purity of

Heart and soul

Of the person.


Heart! O beautiful heart..

My heart desire a

 who can listen

To my unspoken words


Understand the feeling

Of my beautiful soul.

Beauty and Heart are so related that inner beauty of heart is achieved when it starts radiating divinity in your being. That’s the natural outcome of being beautiful from inside. So, mein bhi Beautiful!! beautiful!! 💖🌷👸 Happy and joyful remains the flower of my soul.🌹🌹 happiness becomes the state of being and wheels of life where ever it goes spreads love and happiness. it brings calm and sooths the soul of people around as divine gift to the being.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om