There is a little love left. Or maybe, a little love grew like a soft bud on a beautiful stem. Who knows His Leela? Tears trickle down my cheeks once in a while when I try to remember you and I don’t know why that happens, but the question is, who are you? I am really confused.  Sometimes I say, You are Maa, you are Hanumanta, you are Shri Ram and sometimes you are either a parent or a  guru. Are you all in one🧐? Well, you sat on Maa’s lap and played with her, did you become her as well? Gosh! Come to my rescue! I know guru ki mahima aprampaar hai…but still…

I like this world. I love it and I hate it. I want money and I don’t want money. I want a party and I don’t want a party. I want to follow you but as soon as a toy comes by, I choose to distract myself comfortably🤷‍♀️.  I don’t feel bad for being materialistic the way I am but Swamiji! I want to follow you! Understand what you understood, do what you do and feel what you feel. Hold me tight!

A magic casket of knowledge- that is what you are. An ocean? No. The whole earth? No. Maybe like Doraemon’s pocket which opens up to anything and everything at any time. Maybe you are Doraemon. You watch us  everyday, all the time and have beautiful solutions to all our Nobita-like problems too! (Kidding). I have no doubt, Swamiji, that you watch us constantly. One call to you and you listen to me. I know you are with me.🤗

Swamiji, I try to drown myself into the depths of devotion and I fail to do so. Have I really surrendered myself to you or am I pretending? What does surrender feel like, I have no idea. I hold Sushrees, Sadhvijis and Swamijis under you as my ideal who carry bhakti like Hanumanji and give their everything to you, o sweet Swami😇. How can I carry you in my heart and in my mind 24/7? Let me dream about you as well! I want to meet you like a spoonfuls of butter which melts in the fire of your presence! 

Pranaam to you Swamiji.

Pranaam to Sadhvijis, Swamijis and Sushrees.

😇😇May I have courage to become like you too.🌺🌺