1. Following a routine regularly- If you are constant about Chanting even ten minutes every day, that will do the trick.

2. Telling God/Guru how your day went. Now this is the tiniest exercise that you can do, just know that he is listening and at the end of the day tell him how it went. Rant if you want to.

3. Contemplate with him, if you are facing any negative situation, problems or feelings spend some time alone with your deity and try to think what they would have done if put in your shoes.

4. Tell yourself that this is your Isht’s creation and look at the world like that. Gradually you’ll start feeling affection towards everyone and everything it contains.

5. If not everyday, then once or twice in a week make sure that you listen to their glories. This can be in the form of a bhajan, satsang, sermon anything. But it’s important to remind your logical mind to stay connected with the divine.

6. Distance yourself from people who don’t make you feel good about yourself or who makes you doubt your self worth. Because your divine is actually seated inside your consciousness. So it becomes difficult to love him if you don’t love yourself in the first place.

7. Your body is the shrine of your Divine. Treat it like that. It’s the first gift that you have received from your deity. Take care of it thinking about it as the temple of your deity.

8. If possible, spend some time in looking into your Isht’s eyes. It’s my problem solver . Every sentiment and knowledge you need to know comes in from there. If you are anxious about something, it will make it dissapear in minutes.

9. Everyday after chanting, mentally offer a full fledged (dandawat pranama) to him and tell him that you have surrendered completely. Trust me he will take care of the rest

10. Even if you follow two or three of it consistently you’ll notice the change in the intensity of your sentiments after a while.

Har har Mahadev ❤️🤗