There are two days. One day we are doing everything as before. Everything that is common, safe, familiar and generally accepted. And that’s ok. And there is another day. And that is to add spiritual practice, sadhana, to everything we normally do on the first day. So we will do almost the same things, but the day will be more exciting. This excitement changes the meaning of life. We will see that the ordinary things we normally live in are taking on a new form. It’s a form of freedom and progress. Also it’s very interesting that with daily sadhana we’re advancing at a rapid pace while things seem to be moving in the usual rhythm. This is because by spiritually evolving we change the sense of time that is eternity. Each pranayama changes one component of our life, each mantra changes some other component, each asana and meditation changes the third and fourth components. The more components we change the better and more complete we become. Completeness is a goal, happiness and achievement. The real thing is to live completely.

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