No! I cannot forgive you; I just cannot.

You broke my heart, you made me cry

You betrayed you cheated.

How can I forgive you for all this.

Trust was shattered, never to mend again.

How can you expect me to love you once again

Share with you my inner soul- a place you muddled. 

I can’t do it; sorry I just can’t

You bought me flowers; you bought me a teddy,

You paid for sparkling surprises

You said sorry a thousand times; something you never before did

But my heart is weeping.

I am so much changed- the fuming face; the endless frown.

Always drained,  my strength fragile.

Yelling at everyone I meet

I was really not like this.

See what this anger has done to me.

It’s been a long time, I am holding it on.

I cannot take this burden for too long.

It’s time now to let go,

To forgive and to forget

Not for you; but for myself.

Because I need to care;

Because I know I have stopped loving myself.

I am setting you free from my anger bondage

I am leaving it in the open skies

Life is calling me; I want to live free

Not in the prison of your mistakes but as a free bird once again.

Image: Lidya Nada, unsplash