Life is very beautiful, know your worth here
It is to live only once
I don’t know about my past life
Nor do I know , I would be born here again 
All I know is
This life, this very life
All I know is this moment, this very moment
Past is gone.. Only the memories are here
Future has not arrived yet, so no worries dear…
Be fully dissolve in this present moment
Forget your misery, grief, hatred ,anger and disappointment
Forget your frustration, worries
Let it go, just let it go..
You are not the only one in this universe
Whose life is not perfect
Look around your neighbourhood, surroundings
Your city and country
You will see  a lot of similar people
Whose life is also not perfect
So, stop complaining and worrying 
Count your blessings, thank God for giving you this life of a
Human being, he surely had something going on his mind when
Creating you..
Have a strong faith that your life will be change for better..
Remember , nothing is permanent here, not even your grief
So, hope and hope for the best, be optimistic in life..
Practice Mindfulness and you will be in peace ,  Be in the present moment and you will be in peace
Life is to live only once ..
Know your worth here, know your worth here