Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you have chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. Eckhart Tolle






These days the virtual world is full of positive quotes and motivational lectures, and youtube is full of that content, and I think I am also adding a bit into this Ocean.

When I first lay my hands on Mindfull to mindfull by Om Swami, I was like, is this true, and can I follow this? Then came the update in Black Lotus, and mindful listening, mindful eating, and mindful walking came into practice, and mindful walking is what I consider most challenging (Please inbox which one you find the toughest), but the fact remained the same that we are trained to be distracted, and that distraction can come from any side. Thus we have to be mindful to evade these distractions.

Let’s take a few examples and try to understand the concept of our mind:

How many situations do you tick below when you are totally into the moment

1.      Movie time

2.      Date with your GF/BF

3.      Lovemaking

4.      Fighting

5.      The sport you play

6.      Studying

7.      Doing daily course

8.      Listening to your parents

9.      Listening to your spouse

10.  Listening to your friends

11.  Listening about your crush

12.  Listening to your teacher. (I am in this profession, and I support you if you disagree with me as not every teacher can be your favorite and not everyone you can hate).

13.  Your boss giving the same presentation

14.  Your elders are telling you their stories for the 20th time.

15.  The list can go on.

But it is accurate and scientifically proved that if we give our undivided attention to a topic for more than 17 seconds, the chances of us remembering it for a lifetime will increase much higher. (legal advice: don’t stare at a girl for more than 14 seconds. It becomes a crime, Law is silent about a girl staring a boy though).

When we are in a moment, and we give our 100 percent to that act, the act becomes a tappa, and that helps us provide the best to the moment, making you more profound in the act. Let’s take the example of Michelle Schumacher, one of the greatest formulae one driver touching speed more than 300 km per hour and take a taxi driver who is driving for the last 30 years and is just making ends meet difference and it is being mindful. A formula one driver gives his 100 percent attention to the curves on the track, whereas it is just a livelihood for the taxi driver.

So next time when you sit down to perform an act, be 100 percent into it and see the difference in the output.