1. Smile :- what a wonderful word. But we forget to do this every day.As we grow up we forget to smile.As you get older, the responsibility increases.Society’s Pressures,What post are we on, what should we do,getting older Should have settled somewhere by now. In all this we live but we forget to live in true sense forget to smile .And by the time we remember, age has already passed So don’t live BS, live to open.live something that makes sense Live in such a way that after looking back ten years from now, it does not seem that I have not even lived my life.May it be that when you go ahead and look back, you will feel that yes I have lived freely.May I live the way I wanted.Because smiling is a very beautiful art The one who knows how to smile in every bad time, life also smiles with him.Somewhere we feel good when we smile.”Smile” when you’re very angry.Smile when you are going through bad times.Believe me you will like it very much.

2.Smile every day 😊

Live happily