Life is a precious gift.

Whenever I hear the heartbreaking news of anybody who commits suicide and give up on this beautiful life i feel like the same life  is a dream of someone else and they wanted to live it and they are not getting enough of it .

Some thoughts came to my mind and I really felt to share ….

We should not engulf ourself with provoking thoughts and overthinking as this may lead to a cause for depression and  apparently doing this we ourself are becoming tormentor of our own life instead speak out what your heart is saying with your loved ones and by this we can save ours and  someone else’s life as well. One should always have a curb on their thoughts to tranquil a mind and that’s how you will get a peace 🙏

Be kind with everybody. Indeed enjoy the miniscule moments of this fleeting life.

Try to live for others and be the savior and survivor as well.😊

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