Most in common,above all will unknowingly know about spiritual path of life.The fact is that after knowing also absolutely all can wipe out the inner soul meaningful thoughts and will accept the real unknown finite elements which come across in the way.

Spiritual journey is not moving one way or the other, infact it is awaking the consciousness from a lower level to up.
The world is full of purity, divine powers are offered to living beings to taste the purity. Generally common humans are at opposite side of this purity and search for it again with the mind power they have.

When humans who will have the complete faith, trust, believed in eternal force’s they will be moved in having a master (Sadguru). This master is the key at unlocking the known facts with their unknown knowledge itself.

Once a person is blessed completely by his master,yes the real spiritual path is visible to him(them).It means the heart will start cleansing process and starts to see the purity in world.Love, companion,real faith (undoubtedly), meaning of the birth will start accumulation in soul narrative steps in observing the divinity.

One must have to do this Karma.For someone it might be in their childhood,for someone it might at middle ages,for someone it might be even possible at elder stages.
Live the life complete, Spiritual journey is always there for All

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