Sometime back, I realised that life is like a spinning wheel, once it gets started it just doesn’t stop. Crazy, right? I was taken aback for a few seconds, then went back to drinking my tea. If we think that we’ll get a break from the wheel of life someday, we may be mistaken, because life goes on and on, and on. In fact life has a life of its own, whether we are in it or not. No, no, this isn’t a depressing post, on the contrary, have you ever wondered what we can do to live life to the fullest? Swami has written numerous posts about it. Here, here and elsewhere too. One of the most beautiful things about life, is that it is a great teacher. We may have the knowledge or wisdom about how to live life, but our dear precious life never lets go of an opportunity to teach us about its beauty. This year, I learnt a thing or two about this thing called life. Although it takes a degree of courage to take the jump, it’s quite simple, unlike life. Okay! Just kidding, let’s dive in.

How to live life to the fullest?

1. Risk it! 

It’s quite easy to be safe and that’s fine too. Unfortunately, life is way too short to be too cautious, or so, I realised. As life is here to be lived, I feel that there’s great merit in being willing to take (reasonable) risks. It’s even easier if we lead our lives with faith, and the knowledge that eventually we will be okay. The same power which looks after our breathing, will also look after us, especially given the impermanence of life.

And reasonable risk, is only a matter of being a little wise. For example, by all means, go for a full speed crazy drive (if you really want it) but be wise enough to check that your brakes are working. Live life, don’t take leave.


2. Welcoming life with open arms and saying yes to life!

I learnt it the hard way, but now I know that life will throw many things at us, and we’ll feel bad for letting go of some opportunities, often out of fear of missing out. Living to the fullest doesn’t mean that we have to take up everything that comes our way. Instead, it’s about considering and analysing, everything (opportunities and experiences) thrown at us, but knowing that we have the choice to say “Yes, I will pursue this” or choose to say “No, I will let this offer pass. I am not interested.”  

We are all blessed with the wisdom and intellect to know what we really want, it only takes a leap of faith for us to pursue what we want and sift out what we don’t. Life loves it if you know what you want. Do you? 


3. Flex it! I mean, be flexible and open.

In one of His live discourses (Sri Hari’s birthday celebration 2021) Swami shared that one of the key ingredients to happiness is to be flexible, like Neo, in the Matrix. And it’s very true, of course. The more rigid we are about our beliefs, goals, outcomes and desires, the more miserable we become. Often, even if we have decided on a certain path or outcome, there is no harm in being open to some changes in our plan. No two cakes taste exactly the same. We may use the same ingredients, but if we bake them at different times, there will probably be some variation in taste.

If that’s the case, then don’t you think we’re in for some disappointment if we expect all our dreams and goals to go according to plan? Sometimes, when we tread the path with ease and an open mind, we end up in a beautiful place (like maybe?), and life smiles back at us. How about having the attitude of “let me try “that” thing and see where I end up? What’s there to fear anyway?”

Now, tell me, what’s your take on living life to the fullest and are you livin’ it up or leaving it ‘unlived’?:)