I am like most middle aged women either on diet to avoid having back and knee pain like our over worked and over weight Mothers Or to wear those dandy modern dresses and trousers to get compliments in kitty parties ,social functions or even p.t.ms that we look elder sisters of our kids! So the pendulum of weight gain and becoming a rass gulaaa or weight loss and looking a zuccini( sookhi life less kakree) has been a trend with me since 20 years after having my first child. Not that I was ever skinny or slim even before marriage but I always looked juicy and from khaate Peete ghar.Enough on the back ground,  now I m with a nutritionist who is a budding sports enthusiasts and a freind s son ,I am most of the time on protein diet.Being a vegetarian very few choices of food are available now that I m not an egg ( except cake) eater too.So the usual diet he gives is Chhole/ chick pea salad, soya chunks or paneer or Moong daal cheela etc to control my bulges! Today was one such chhole b.fast day only and instead of soaking them at night for a soft boiled Chick pea salad loaded with cucumber, onion ,tomatoe, green Chilli, peanuts,black salt and drizzled with lemon and chaat masala  I was lazy to not open a new Chhole pack and soak it at night, but thought, I ll pick a plate of ( Mattar chaat) on the way of dropping son at 8am for cricket! Mattar chaat is the staple food of all Delhites on the move ,specially the lower staff who carry rotis from their home and buy 10 rs Peetal ke tede patella ke chhole and have a delicious  tasty and extremely healthy meal with free ki moolee and achaar! So I looked around for some Cholle vendor on my way back from cricket academy finding couple of them still putting their stall and not serving! Next choice was to go to 24× 7 and buy ready to eat Haldiram/ mtr / itc chhole ,dip it in warm water and enjoy the spicy b.fast! I went to each rack and mindfully checked each vibrant, tempting and colorful impulse food kept on it! Nothing attracted me to open my purse and I felt like Conficious( Swamiji in one discourse said he use to spend hours window shopping and feeling proud, he needs nothing), By the way to write correctly the Scholar s name( unlike me) i searched Googlaswami and found it quiet similar to confusion. So ultimately I went to Ever green Sweet shop a very famous neighborhood Halwaaeee shop which sells exotic sweets,chhole bhatoore, poori aaloo,tilki and golgappe.Early morning I ordered chhole( 2 plates ) ,My watering mouth couldn’t stop the greed of ordering one aswell I m a humble mom who wants her glutton kids to realish the tastes there mom appreciates.The bill the cashier of the Cafe made was 378 rs ( so exorbitant I felt for the worth) , He had checked with so much effort weather Chhole were ready ,he had called the kareegar and then was quiet generous to provide me some thing which is to be supposed to be sold at 10 am to be given at 8.20 am.My mindfulness, sensitivity of buying 10 rs Mattar or effort to now boil chhole without soaking with soda in it made  me wonder how to avoid paying such a BIG amount(the amount was quite affordable aswell I had that much money but the value I was going to receive was not worth the money I felt), Those 3 minutes of how to say no for my ordered thing were a real dilemma,the fear of being judged as time pass or financially incapable or indecisive customer all made the garden if my mind come under elephant feet! Anyways gathering some courage, I asked the shop manager, if I don’t pay and don’t take things would cutting a bill cause u some problems? He looked so awkwardly at my face and directed me to the senior Manager with the slip of 2 plate chhole.I confidently told the manager ,I have changed my mind and don’t want this order any more,( I had neither paid nor order was packed yet). He said it’s ok,not so pleasantly though.I almost scooted to my car not to be recognized by anyone( thank God to mask) and straight away reached my home kitchen to cook Karuna ji s chhole


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