I had to travel from mountains to Delhi yesterday and this time i don’t know why i was so fearful….as if soemthing bad will happen with us on the road. 

Though since lockdown we have been traveling through road but this time it was strange feeling.

Before leaving my home this time i prayed for our safety , very sincerely, that’s why mentioning it. 

First my husband drives in the mountains and then i take over when in plains.

(I have been driving since 2006 and have travelledby road to many destinations, still this fear overpowered me. )

My daughter vomited within 20 mins of drive and i felt so miserable,  though i had all the arrangements for her….

Then came thr plains and i took over the driver seat. I had to cross a T point and to my best knowledge i was driving same and had carefully watched every vehicle, and then suddenly husband shouted watch…a big innova came out of nowhere and we just avoided a collision 

But my heart had skipped a beat, my fear took over…i parked my car on side and told him i can’t drive…

Husband asked what’s bothering you…i replied that i am fearing for our lives today on road and don’t know the reason.

He gave me water and said simply enjoy every moment and drive.

So i started driving and i don’t know what impact his words made on me….suddenly i started enjoying the talks of my daughter (few mins ago which was a distraction) , was humming the songs which was playing on car stereo….i started a conversation with my hubby and was super comfortable and relaxed.

I loved the surrounding around, even found out few landmarks which i had missed during my previous road trips, and don’t know why every thing appeared so normal and the fear vanished.

I drove for 5 hours and with his grace reached our Delhi home safely.

Yesterday i realised what is the real meaning of life and how we can enjoy it by living it every moment. 

Fear is a very negative emotions which destroys our peace of mind..stay away from it please….

Life is beautiful and it is in this very moment. 

Thanks for reading. 


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