Whenever we live at the time, we live in the stream. Stream doesn’t occur on the off chance that we are not embracing current circumstances. Stream can’t occur previously. The past is stuck, it has as of now occurred, it has a structure and a shape, it is fixed, it doesn’t stream. It can likewise not occur later on. There is no such thing as the future yet so it can’t stream. The stream can occur in the present, at the time that brings you each thing in turn, with care, each choice in turn, and each result in turn.

Experience every second, every thing, and each progression, surprisingly them, express whatever is attempting to come up through you, honor the things that come to you, take them, live them. And afterward let them go to go. Just when you do as such will different things come. It’s essential for the stream.

Living in the stream takes us easily towards living our fantasies. Whenever this occurs, it will feel frustrating at first. This is on the grounds that bringing a fantasy into reality makes that fantasy lose its appealing yet impossible sparkle. It’s alright. Release the romanticized dream. Furthermore partake in its dusty variant. It’s the genuine one.

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