It’s been ages since I wrote an impromptu post. Well, I’m drowned in the scriptures. So, I barely get time to draft anything else. Besides, most people don’t believe anything I say, anyways! 

Recently though, I had a funny experience and thought this was perfect to share.

Earlier, in one of my Upanishad posts, I’d written about Vaak Siddhi. Our sweetheart Meera Om asked if I’d started walking the path of Vaak Siddhi. For that, I had replied:

I don’t know how to answer that, Meera Ji. If I speak the truth, I won’t be humble. If I choose to be humble, I have to mince words. I’ve always tried to speak the truth. Earlier it was brutal, now it is polite. I do speak harsh words if needed, but it’s done mindfully and compassionately. I tend to complain and criticize a bit, I’m working on eliminating that.

After that, I decided that it’s time to stop complaining. Then, my motor-mouth mind started working overtime. Finally, I concluded, “What’s the big deal if I complain a bit? I don’t care about any Siddhi-s or Deeksha-s anyway! I’m fine the way I am.”

STUPID CONCLUSION! Nature mocked silently. How?

Long back, our Swami had narrated a story. Our lovable Vidya Swami hadn’t added tomatoes in his upma. So, Swami had uttered unhappy words about the lack of tomatoes. To his dismay, within a couple of hours, the villagers dumped bags and bags of tomatoes on him. 

I found that episode funny but didn’t take it seriously. Not until I experienced something similar recently! 

My family and I don’t eat as much onion. Therefore, we barely have anything in stock. Typically, when I order groceries from Amazon, I just get one or two counts as required. Last week, I forgot to order onions. When I tried to make Baingan Bharta (an eggplant dish), I couldn’t find onions. I was irritated that I had ventured into making a dish without checking for the required ingredients.

“Darn it! Silly me! Now, I don’t have any onions,” I complained out loud.


This week, as always, I added two counts of onions to my grocery list. Instead, I got two bags full of onions free of charge! I can’t return them to Amazon. Now, they’re all sitting quietly and gazing at me in my kitchen. Maybe I should say they’re all making fun of me silently.

As I wonder what to do with them because we don’t eat as much onion, I made a silent vow: Never again will I take my words lightly. That complaining habit of mine has no choice but to go!


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