This post is based on real incidents with some sprinkle of fiction here and there. So relax and enjoy.



In the grand scheme of things of the professional world, these individuals quietly go about doing their job and barely getting noticed or mentioned. Yet, they form a crucial part of our society, for they are responsible for making us (specially men) look like modern men, rather than early men roaming in modern jungles. We may as well file a petition to declare this profession as an essential service, so that everyone will be able to access this service for at least 6 days a week, regardless of any situation.

Just as some wives are known for making husbands dance on their fingers ✋👯‍♂️ (Indians know this better), these tribe of professionals possess a unique and dare I say, majestic skill of making a scissor dance on their fingers, so much so that we literally pay for this exclusive scissor dance, don’t we?

In case you don’t know who I am talking about, these group of professionals are barbers.



The lockdown (2020 edition) came with its own set of special challenges for all of us. Everyone had to adapt and embrace the challenges, because, simply for most of us, this was the only option.

With divine grace, grocery and vegetables were in ample supply in our locality, still there was one thing that almost all of us (specially males) had to face due to lockdown – to somehow find a way to stop our hairs turning into a bird’s nest. 🐦🌳😂


May 2020

Even April had passed and there were no signs of lockdown getting lifted. With my hairs growing ever so longer, a thought came in my mind – that day isn’t far away when my hair would resemble cattle’s hair. (see feature image again, if you weren’t mindful)

Nonetheless, my hair were still long enough that they started randomly curling here and there and therefore, it needed an urgent trimming down, for I didn’t want to appear like Salman Khan from Tere Naam.


Suffice to say that sometimes, we all have to take matters in our hands and do the things that we haven’t done before. And this time most of us had to play the role of a barber. It was around mid-May and with lack of any alternative, I finally requested my mom to trim down my hair so that some order can be restored in my hair. She agreed. To be honest, I had high expectations from my mom (don’t we expect the world from everyone), conveniently ignoring the fact that whatever we do first time will inevitably fall short of professional level.

So the D-day arrived, I wore old clothes (I have a pair of clothes reserved just for haircut purpose), covered my body from neck to bottom with an old bed sheet and finally settled on the chair for the haircut. Now I asked mom to start cutting the hair, she answered, itni bhi jaldi kya hai beta. (son, why so much rush?) I was like what preparation is left now. Little did I know what was about to come.

Now she started chanting some words, as if invoking some energy or magic that will automatically give her the skill to masterfully cut my hair like a professional. My mind was like, whatever floats my boat, after all I had to get the haircut.


What followed was an art and craft show on my head with the scissors. After the show (I mean haircut), I thought-I had won, but at what cost😆🤣 

Now I was thinking that it would have been much better for me to shave my full head, instead of this random haircut. Although, I didn’t shave my head, but I made sure to take a trip to the saloon as soon as it gets opened.

On my first visit to the saloon after the lockdown, I was finally satisfied deep within after a professional scissor dancing session ✂✋🕺 on my head. I sighed in relief and gratitude that saloons are finally functional again. And the lockdown highlighted us the importance of the often underrated and taken for granted profession of barbers, that play a crucial role in making us look decent.


How was your hair-cutting experience in lockdown?


Image credits – Pixabay