O sweet sunshine
to whom should I call
but you
when I think of our Lord
my heart so swells with happiness
every vein in tune
to sing an ode

Oh where do I park
this bubbling joy
it makes me unrestful in love
on one bank an ocean of bliss
on the other a tide so wild
sweeps me away
as a mere reed

On this adventurous birth
I’ve been insincere from the start
a hungry pup
an ill-bred one
only when you let your presence be felt
did the desire to be sincere
erupted in this heart

Now I love this flow called life
You are its source
You are mine
each day I pray
I find more solemnness inside
to honour our pact
whereby you and I are forever bound

O my darling Bhagwan…O beautiful Mother
You are my reason to live
there’s such inexplicable emptiness
as you well in my heart
like the long-awaited rain
gathered in the sky
on a scorching mid-summer day…

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