Came across this beautiful poem by Carmel Patterson… a devotees plea to Lord…


Lord, you know my heart and soul,
That you are my passionate goal;
Show me how to serve you
Even though I don’t deserve.


Lord, you know me far more than I do,
And every morning you make me new;
Show me how to rightly love you –
Protect me from evil acts and desires;
O, Lord, to you my very soul aspires.


I dream of you, Lord, night and day;
Your holy and sacred heart hold me sway –
For intimate communion with you I pray.
O keep me faithful and keep me true;
Blessed Lord [Hari] I love and Praise you.


I long for Heaven and all things above
Pondering being encapsulated
in your everlasting love.
It is you I ever want to please.
I love you, Lord, for eternity.