I wrote this poem a few years ago. Whenever I would go to the mountains or see the rivers flowing with a roaring sound, it seemed as if we all are so small. So small that we can just awe their beauty and can’t create them. The thought that if his creation is extraordinarily beautiful, how would he be like who created the whole painting. Sometimes I wish God would have made it easy to see him and adore him like a child adores his mother…but he loves playing, and thus we can only do two things, one, find him, which I think all intentionally or unintentionally are moving on the path to meet him and until we can’t meet him…here’s the second option…we can yearn for him…and I think both the ways, it is a beautiful journey. All above lines are just my random emotions that were coming up like the waves before I wrote this poem and I think emotions are far more real than our beliefs, and philosophies that we have gathered and have no claim over them. Here’s the poem…hope you might like it…

O beloved! This heart is longing for you, 

The earth, moon, stars, sun and the whole universe are bending for you.

Its a long time now since you are playing hide and seek,

I m looking for you through rains, sun’s glace and your created peaks.

Their beauty makes me go into the intolerantness,

I awe to see, feel and get sympathized into your emptiness.

O beloved! This heart is longing for you…



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